Tuesday 22 December 2009

Sunday morning was the Telford 10k - well it was supposed to be.

The weather in Chester was ok so we set off not suspecting anything. As we got near to Telford there was more and more snow on the road and when we arrived at the leisure centre there was a sign to say the race had been cancelled due to the snow! Quite frustrated as I was looking forward to it.

Wednesday 16 December 2009

I did the Stockport 10 mile race on Sunday. Really pleased. I came 3rd in 59.49. I wasn't expecting to get under the hour. It was my first 10 mile race and quite a tough course with a couple of undulations and one long hill so a time wasn't on my mind.

I started off a bit too quick probably near to my 10k pace! This got the better of me at about 7 miles and on the hill I suffered a bit and Pete (from my club) came past me. I tried to stay with him but didn't have enough there. A bit later a girl came past me and I stuck with her for a while but then I started to drop off.

Really want to do another one now on a flat course!!