Wednesday 22 January 2014

Helsby Half Marathon

Helsby Half Marathon on Sunday and during the week before I was unsure whether to do it.  I don't enjoy racing when I'm not at least 90% fit and right now I'd put myself at about 60% fit!  3 weeks of training after my post marathon break and also not easing up one bit at all before the race I wasn't sure it was a good idea.

I then decided that I should race as it will let me know where my current base level is and it all helps towards race fitness.

I had terrible start.  They've changed it from when I did it 4 years ago.  Now you start in a very narrow line up in the car park and do a few tight turns before getting onto the main road.  In hindsight I should have started a bit nearer to the front and over to the left (which I didn't).  I ended up shuffling along for the first 100m or so.  1km in and I was still overtaking people who I should have been in front of from the start.  Once into the race a few people were shouting that I was in 2nd place.  This was fine by me but I didn't see the lead girl at all so I presumed she must be someone super fast who was going to beat me by about 5 minutes!  

I had a fairly relaxed and comfortable run (shouldn't really feel that when you are racing but that's what not feeling that fit did to me).  In the end I finished in 2nd and was only just over 1 minute behind first place.  I'm a bit frustrated with myself as had I known she wasn't that far ahead I really would have put a bit more effort in.  Overall it was good to do it and I'm pleased with my result from just a few weeks training.  

Chester Tri Club had some great results from members with lots of pbs.  The guys I coach at the club track session ran really well - showing that their consistent training is paying off!

Saturday 11 January 2014

Feeling Broken!

I had a great time snow boarding in Whistler although the we could have done with a bit more snow in the second week!  A really great place and hope to go back again one day.  

Home now and after saying good bye to my nan, then Christmas I'm now back into proper training and preparing for London Marathon.  But my body feels broken - everything hurts.  I must be getting old!  I thought breaks were supposed to be good for you but right now I wish I'd just carried on hard training!