Tuesday 29 March 2016

Final few weeks

Just under 2 weeks now until Manchester Marathon.  Its been a mixed bag of training this time around.  I missed a chunk of training in January with the flu virus which did set things back slightly.  Ultimately it meant that when I did my half marathon race last weekend I wasn't able to ease down even slightly.  I  normally do a half around 4-5 weeks before a marathon and normally I run well and it gives me confidence.

This time around though I had my longest run and a track session all within 4 days before the race.  Not ideal.  Although I don't normally taper as such before a half in a marathon build I would usually have an easier week than this.  I think in hindsight I would have lowered my expectations on race day but I stupidly thought I'd still be able to run a moderately good time!  

It was evident after a couple of miles into the race that I wasn't going to be particularly fast or in the position I would like to be finishing in.  I didn't quite expect to run quite as slow as I did though.

I've since bounced back in training and its now just down to how I am on the day.