Sunday 15 January 2012

Sheep on a lead!

Running on the Wirral Way today and ran past a lady walking a couple of dogs and a sheep on a lead! Thought maybe I was seeing things but looked back as I ran past and I wasn't!!

Friday 13 January 2012


Feeling really fed up. Recovered from my Christmas cold and back into proper training then I get an ear infection in both ears and have gone practically deaf! On antibiotics which wiped me out for a few days and now only doing short easy runs.

Last day of taking the 7 day antibiotics course today and I still can't hear very well. I've even been having the subtitles on the tv!

I really hope I can get back into proper training next week. I'm then off to Lanzarote the week after and want to get a good training week in whilst out there. Disappointed too as I've had to sack off a half marathon I had planned on 22 Jan. Really gutted - as I was hoping to do well in it.