Wednesday 23 April 2014

On Reflection!

A few days of thinking I don't ever want to do a marathon again and then I conclude that actually I do and I want to do one now!  I have now managed to get an elite entry for the Edinburgh Marathon on 25th May!  

So back to training!

Friday 18 April 2014

London Marathon

I am my own worst enemy at times!  Everything in training has gone so well and I've coped with putting a big block of training in then to let things get to me in the weeks leading into the race.  

All my life of running and racing I have suffered very badly with nerves and putting pressure on myself.  To a large part I have managed to almost get over this but every so often it rears its ugly head.  In the few weeks leading into London I got myself worked up with a time I wanted to aim for.  It was in my capabilities but at the very top end and could only happen on a good day when everything went right and I had the race of my life!  Its good to have these aims but I think I spent too much of my days playing it over in my head. 

As a result I was slightly less fresh in the final week of easy training.  Race day was hot and I kind of thought to myself its unlikely to be a day for an amazing time but felt I could deal with this.  I never really felt as good during the race this time as I did last year.  Last year up until the point my foot crippled me at 17 miles (ended up with a stress fracture) I actually felt so good and comfortable.  This time it felt like a slog.  By 18 I was feeling light headed and started being sick.  I tried to keep going  but by the time I got to 20 I just couldn't.  

Is it London that I'm jinxed with?  Is it the pressure I put on myself?  Either way I'm extremely disappointed in myself.  I know I'm better than this.