Wednesday 24 August 2011

A couple of average races but were done for a training purpose so feel ok about them!

Firstly, a duathlon for my french team in Metz. Good fun but very short compared to what I've been training for! The first run (5k) went ok and I came into T1 with a group of about 6 girls. Bike was good fun (20k). Lots of surges which were hard going as I haven't prepared for them at all. Our group got caught by a chasing pack before T2 and about 500m out from T2 there was a final surge which was one too many for me - I had nothing left in my legs! Came in at the back of the back and then just survived the second run! Our team did well though (first team!) and I enjoyed it!

Then Stockton Olympic distance triathlon. I thought I'd had a good swim but when I saw my result it seemed that it wasn't particularly! My bike was very average - it was 4 laps and very technical and stop start the whole way round. Then my run was ok apart from having a big stone in my shoe that I had to stop and get rid of! Not a bad race as I treated it as a hard training session.