Tuesday 16 March 2010

North West Champ again!!!

It was the Parbold duathlon on Sunday and also the North West Champs. I had a good race. A bit heavy in the legs as I didn't really ease down out in Portugal and only flew back the day before!

I didn't have the best preparation as when we landed at Liverpool Airport we went to drive home and the car battery was dead! We had to call out the AA and it was quite late by the time we got home which stressed me out a bit!

The Parbold race is a hilly 5k run, a 3 lap 30k bike with Parbold Hill to go up 3 times, then the same 5k run again. I really enjoyed the race and was especially pleased with my descent! I actually overtook some men! I practiced descending the hill about 5 weeks ago and this really paid off!

I came in first on the run and managed to stay ahead on the bike despite my gears being a bit dodgy on Parbold Hill! On the second run I relaxed as I was quite confident I would stay in the lead.

Next race National Duathlon Champs at Loughborough....

Thursday 11 March 2010


We're in sunny Portugal - although we've not seen that much sun! Still better than England at the mo where I had another 10k cancelled due to snow!

I've got some good training in and although we've had quite a lot of rain it is warm. Found a 50m pool to train in which is about 20 mins by bus and have done a few swims in the sea when it hasn't been too rough!

Cycling has been good for the longer rides, once you get out of the busier roads and into the country with some good tarmac! Not so good for the shorter rides with efforts as too many roundabouts, traffic lights and traffic so not too impressed. Running has been quite limited too. A good cross country course down the road but once you have run there a few times its a bit boring and the roads haven't been that great to run on. Oh well just making the most of what there is.

Home in a few days and straight into a duathlon race!!