Monday 12 August 2013

Building up my running which has been going really well.  I have a marathon in my sights again but trying not to get too carried away as the last thing I need is to get injured again.

I've been to watch a few races - and helped out at our club race, Deva Triathlon which Dan organises on behalf of the tri club.  Then there was our other club race Deva Divas which is a ladies only sprint race.  This is such a great race to be involved in as so many of the ladies are first time triathletes.  I had the privilege of giving some training advice to Louise Minchin of BBC Breakfast.  This was her first triathlon race and it was great to see that she had such a good race and a big smile on her face when she finished.  

Dan and I went and watched the Dambust Triathlon as this is also a world champs qualifier race (as is the Deva Triathlon).  We went there to see if we could get any ideas on how to make the Deva race any better (is that possible?!!!)  It was a great day and really well organised and we picked up 1 or 2 tips to help with ours!

I also went and watched the swim and the athletes get on their way on their bikes at Ironman UK in Bolton.  I had one of my athletes racing plus several people from my club also racing.  Its quite nice to go and watch and not have the nerves and stresses that you get when you race yourself but it always has me wishing I was racing!  I have a half marathon penciled in soon so at least I now have something to aim for.