Saturday 30 May 2015

Getting There!

A week in the sun was just what I needed!  I went to Lanzarote for a week in the hope of speeding up my ankle/achilles recovery.  No miracles but there does seem to have been an improvement.  It's still tight in the mornings and if I get up after sitting down for a while (just no sitting around then)!  

I have now included 2 threshold pace effort sessions in the last 2 weeks training with minimal reaction so I'm actually thinking of entering a race or 2 in the next few weeks!  I'm a bit scared as I know my times won't be fast and I don't like racing when I'm not near to 100% but I feel I need to put something in just to know where I am.  

I'm so happy to be running a decent amount again and a lot of it is down to regular massages from Peer and physio from Gary at Pro Physio.  Plus lots of stretching and icing!

Friday 8 May 2015

Slow Going

Patience - I have none of that!  Ankle and achilles is taking far too long to heal for my liking.  Still just doing steady running and no race plans being made until I'm completely pain free.  3 weeks ago I thought I'd turned a corner as I had 3 runs in a row which were completely pain free then it started to niggle again.  The pain free runs did seem to coincide with a spell of warm weather then the niggling and general tight feeling returned when the weather changed back to being cold.  

I have now made a last minute decision to go away for a week to the canary islands and booked my flights last night and will be leaving on Thursday!  I'm hoping some warm weather will help.  Also, I just feel I need a mini break!