Friday 6 December 2013


I've been so lucky to have the pleasure of meeting the greatest distance runner the world has ever seen - Mr Haile Gebrselassie!!

I was invited to an Adidas evening and day via TriActive with Haile as special guest.  He was such a character with lots of interesting things to say and all with a sense of humor.  A few things he said that have stuck with me have been: hard work, commitment, discipline; he mentioned he didn't think barefoot running was a good idea; too many very good runners go to marathon too young (in their early 20s) and then are finished too soon.

 I was then privileged to go on a run with him the following morning.  It started off nice and easy then gradually started to get quicker.  Not great with a hangover and having run a marathon 10 days earlier!!  I must admit I found myself near the front and couldn't possibly drop back!

We then spent the rest of the day seeing what Adidas have in store for 2014 which apart from a couple of dodgy items it mostly looks great!

Thank you to Adidas for putting on such a great event and thanks for the freebie trainers and kit!  To be honest I've had a pair of Adidas trainers in the past which were ok but not my favourite.  They gave me a pair of Adi Glide Boost and I've run in them today for the 2nd time and my early impressions are that they are up there with one of the best pairs of trainers I've run in.  I'm very impressed!!