Saturday 23 October 2010

5 weeks to go!

Most people can probably think of better ways to spend their birthday but for me doing my longest run ever so far this morning was a great start to my birthday! The weather was crap though but once I'd gone past 10 mins of running it didn't bother me.

So far my training is going well and I'm loving my long Saturday morning runs. I really thought that running for over 2 hours I would be bored and clock watching but I'm not finding that at all. I've found some nice places to run away from traffic with gravelly ground which is perfect for running on.

An afternoon sleep now and hopefully Dan is taking me somewhere nice tonight!!

Sunday 10 October 2010

Peterborough Half

Rubbish run today! I did the Peterborough Half Marathon and really can't believe how rubbish I ran! When the race started my legs felt like they were burning for the first 1km. They settled down but just felt tired for the whole race. I finished 10th in a time of 81 mins!

When I entered this race about a month ago I decided on this one because it was flat and I thought I would be tapering for it and going for a time. In hindsight I should have entered one that was nearer to home on the same weekend but undulating. With only 8 weeks to go until my marathon my coach said it was more important to get my training in and not worry how I do here. So I didn't even ease back slightly in my training load and no rest days!