Monday 28 April 2008

Back from Florida training camp and good news – ITB all good and back to full running training!! Yay! Had such a good time out there. Really hot and quite humid so hard run sessions were done in the morning. There was a total of 16 of us out there with one of the lads also being a physio. I managed to talk to him about my injury on the 1st day and he gave me some exercises that were different to those I’d been given before and also to be held in the stretch for much longer. Seemed to do the trick!

Also got some good long bikes and sessions in. We had the use of an outdoor 50m pool too which was fantastic. I was really pleased with my swim sessions out there as for me swimming is a real battle.

Back home to work and reality now. Really want to go back again next year for a bit longer if I can get the time off work!

I did have some disappointing news whilst away - they're not going to take me to the European Duathlon Champs. To be expected really when I haven't done any races to prove mysel. Oh well, I'll just have to find out what I need to do to try and get selected for the worlds in September.

Racing next weekend – Horwich Tri. Quite exited that tri season is now here!

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