Saturday 12 March 2011

2 weeks left

A group of 40 from my tri club came out for a week at the end of Feb along with Dan coming out for 2 weeks. Was great to be amongst lots of people as I had been doing all of my training on my own. Apart from swimming which I benefit from swimming in a group, I do mostly prefer to train on my own but it was nice to see and talk to friends and of course to see Dan for 2 weeks!

It also meant that I got to spend nearly 2 weeks at the Play Itas hotel which was great. Also a bonus was that they messed our booking up and we had to be moved from the apart hotel into the hotel and as compensation got breakfast and dinner included for free!! Food was great - lots of it too!

Dan also surprised me - a time trial bike!! After asking around to see if a shop or manufacturer would loan me one for the season Planet X said they could do one at an amazing price. I had said I'd think about it but unbeknown to me Dan had been negotiating with them. Thank you Dan and Planet X - I love it!! It needs some adjusting (like the tri bars chopping down) and I will have to customise it with some turquoise!

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