Thursday 28 July 2011

Hacked off with myself and been feeling miserable all week and I have no one to blame but myself.

Antwerp 70.3. Had a crap swim. Sighted wrong, got on someones feet I shouldn't have and went off course quite badly! Ooops! Then onto the bike - very windy. Tried my hardest to put effort in but seemed to go nowhere. Couldn't get heart rate up to where it should be at all. Gave up on it. Really wanted to drop out of the race but felt I'd be letting myself down even more if I did. Cycled the rest of the course at an easy pace and decided to try and have a good run.

Did have a good run but so I should when I had cycled with no effort!

Not really a course to suit me as totally flat bike (I like the hills) and very windy. Looking back I'm not really sure why I entered this one, oh well. Not a race I would recommend even if you do want a flat fast bike as the bike course was soooooo boring!! Won't be going back!!

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