Friday 4 November 2011

Worksop Half Marathon

Well what can I say? Good points and bad points about this race. I'll start with the good.....

I came 1st so obviously I was happy with that! It was a good race - well organised, good location, great atmosphere and friendly marshalls. Started off at a good pace - not too fast but considering the first mile was up hill my first split it was probably a touch quicker than necessary. I found myself in a nice group and was neck and neck with another lady (I think she was the winner from last year). I felt great to start with on the flats and downhills but on every up hill I really felt the tiredness from marathon training in my legs!

By about 4 miles the group had spread out a bit and I had a few looks behind me and seemed to have dropped the other lady so felt I could relax a bit! A good proportion of the race was through Clumber Park which was lovely (still undulating though). Me and another guy really helped pull each other round. When I was suffering I just managed to hang on to him and I think I helped him when he was suffering too.

The final mile was great as it was all downhill (we had done the same in reverse at the start). I managed to pick my pace up a bit and even had a smile in the final 400m with loads of people cheering!

Not a fantastic time but on tired legs and being a fair bit hillier than I expected I can't complain.


Getting ready to leave on Friday and I looked at the race info which I hadn't really looked at before. I was disappointed to see that there was a significant difference between the top prizes for men and women especially for 1st place. 1st place male was to win £150 and 1st place female was to win £90. Why?? This is the 21st century and a time of equality. I wrote to the race organiser stating my thoughts and that I do appreciate there are generally less women taking part in these races than men but the top 3 men and women generally train just has hard as each other and I don't feel that women should be rewarded less. The organiser did get back to me saying that they are gradually bringing their races in line, but why not just bring it in line now - why gradually?

Anyway as I did then turn out to win I was even more disappointed when I received my prize as it turned out to be a voucher. I wouldn't have minded but their website listed all amounts in cash and nowhere did it say prizes awarded in vouchers!

Would I do it again? Maybe as a training race and I happened to be in the area for the weekend!

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