Thursday 22 December 2011


Well its been over 3 weeks since my marathon and I can't believe how recovered my legs feel! I've been mostly doing short easy runs but did my first session of efforts (only 20s efforts though!) 2 days ago and legs are feeling springy!!

I also can't believe how warm the weather has turned this week! Last Friday I was out running and it was snowing and this morning the sun was shining and it was about 12 degrees. Despite the gorgeous running weather though I was surprised at how many miserable runners I saw. I ran past about 6 people and said hello to all and I didn't get one hello back or even a smile. Very sad.

I'm going back "down south" over Christmas and will be doing lots of running so I'm going to test out if people are happier runners up north or down south. I will report back next week......

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