Sunday 4 March 2012

7 weeks to go until London marathon and I'm currently in the most intense block of training I have ever done. Everything is on track and going better than I could have thought. My long steady runs are now 10s per km quicker than they were in the build up to the La Rochelle Marathon in November at the same average heart rate and my effort sessions are longer and faster than ever. Fingers crossed I stay injury free as right now I'm really excited about what London has to offer!

There have been days where tiredness has crept up - yesterday I felt really tired before going out for an easy run but once I got going I felt good. Came back and did my circuit training wondering if I could get through it and maybe the wise thing would be to knock it on the head but suddenly got a second wind and felt good. Bed at 9.15pm (how sad is that?) then up this morning feeling refreshed and bouncy on my long run.

Haven't seen any sheep being walked on a lead on the Wirral Way lately - most disappointed!!

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