Friday 26 April 2013

Disappointment Again

I can't actually believe what happened to my race at London Marathon on Sunday.  

Over the last year or so I've really got over my excessive pre race nerves and lack of confidence and belief in myself.  I feel I've learned from previous mistakes of starting off to fast and thought this time its really going to come together for me.  

I started off at a very comfortable pace and checked my garmin every 1km to ensure I didn't go too fast in the early stages.  5k was slightly quicker than I'd have liked but it is downhill for the first 5-10k in London.  I got to 10k feeling great and at a good pace, holding back!  

Then I remember passing the 11 mile marker and I had a stabbing pain going through my right arch and heel.  I couldn't believe it, I've not had anything like this in training at all.  I carried on and tried to run through the pain.  It did ease up a bit and had it stayed that way I could have handled it.  I got to half way and apart from feeling some pain in my heel and arch I was running great and felt amazing.  I got to 25k still feeling like I was holding back and thinking that when I get to 30k I will start to pick the pace up a bit.  Then not long after (and I'm told it was just before 17 miles) the stabbing pain came back 10 times worse than before.  I couldn't bear my foot hitting the ground and I was running with a limp.  There was no way I could run through this and had to pull out.  

I was absolutely devastated.  I really was first and foremost aiming to break 2.45 but if running well (and I was running better than expected) then 2.42 should have been on the cards.  From this I would have mostly probably got an England representation out of it for a race in September or October - so this is why I'm so upset.  Even now almost a week later I'm not over it. 

Now having physio and no running.  Its plantar fasciitis.  I'm hoping I can get over this quite quickly.  I will be back racing and more determined than ever!   

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