Friday 7 June 2013

Its been 7 weeks now of not being able to run and I'm really getting narky!  Poor Dan having to put up with my bad moods.  I'm fed up with going to the pool to do aqua running sessions and I'm bored of turbo sessions on the bike too.  I just hope the positive of this is that I really appreciate it when can start running again.  

One good thing is that at least the weather has been fairly good so I've really enjoyed going open water swimming at Manley.  I'm probably a better open water swimmer now than I was when I was a triathlete!  I've been swimming 3 steady laps then by the time I get to my 4th lap Dan has caught me up and I do a fast lap hanging on to his toes and really practicing drafting and siting which I was useless at before. I might even enter the Dee Mile at this rate!

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