Wednesday 11 September 2013

First Race Back

Sunday was my first race back - the English Half Marathon in Warrington.  I had done this last year and won it so I felt a bit of pressure as I really wanted to win again but then not really knowing how fit I am with coming back from the injury and having no race sharpness.  Last year it was very close between me and another girl and I half hoped she would be in it again.

On the day I was so nervous.  I had to go to the race on my own as Dan was working.  I relaxed slightly when I was on the line and saw 2 club friends.  I also looked around and couldn't see any girls who might provide competition.  

The course is not fast - its undulating/hilly for the first half then twisty on the way back.  At mile 3 it drags up for a quite a while.  Mark from my club went off quite fast but by about 4 miles I caught him up.  We ran together in a group of other guys for quite a while.  I think I dropped him around 9 or 10 miles but wasn't too sure.  Coming towards the finish with about 500m to go I had a look behind me to see if he was catching me.  He wasn't there but another guy was!  As you approach the finish you have a right hand sharp turn then its 50m to the finish line.  Well I was enjoying my finish (as I was in 1st position) and enjoying the cheering as there was a really good crowd.  As I turned the final corner and saw the finish line I could see they had put out a winners finishing tape for me.  This guy came sprinting past me and took the tape!  I was a bit gutted.  I'm sure the finish marshals and spectators who saw this must have thought he was an idiot!  I suppose I should have sprinted too!

I was glad to finally be back racing.  My time wasn't fast and I felt a bit sluggish but overall I was really pleased.  

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