Saturday 12 October 2013

Cardiff Half

I spent the last few days feeling a bit down with my running but I've finally picked myself up again.

I did the Cardiff Half Marathon on Sunday in the elite women's start which I felt would be a great opportunity to race against some good athletes on a fast course.  

Basically, I ran a race that I just felt I wasn't there in my head for.  I had no nerves at the start (which I normally get in excess).  I started the first km slightly too quick so backed it off a bit but then just never got going.  My plan was to pick it up around 7-8 miles but when it came to it I just didn't and I don't really know why.  I was disappointed with my time which was 2 mins slower than my pb.  Although I didn't expect a pb at this stage in my training I did expect to go 1 min quicker than I did.  

On reflection and after chatting with my coach I think a few things probably affected my race here.  Firstly, I had to travel down there on my own as Dan was working again.  So a 3 hour drive and a night in a hotel on my own followed by going to the race on my own.  Although I don't mind my own company I do find that I need someone and that someone best being Dan, to be with me during this time before a race.  Secondly, although my training went well within a few days of being back from Lanzarote I think having a lighter week in the lead up to the race my body started to adapt to the hard training and I probably had some tiredness and mental fatigue.  That's not to say I should have carried on with hard training through to the race as I would have needed this recovery week.  

Its quite hard when you have a race that's not gone right.  Getting up the next morning to run is tough.  My legs weren't tired at all (normally they would be after a half) but I just didn't want to be running.

Luckily I now have my mojo back and have had some good runs and a good threshold paced session since!

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