Wednesday 18 June 2014

Sport in the Port 10k

Just 3 weeks after Edinburgh Marathon I decided to run in a local 10k race!  So with 1 week of no running followed by 2 weeks of short steady runs I line up to start the Sport in the Port 10k!  A hot and humid morning but an enjoyable race.  I came 2nd just 17s behind the 1st lady.  I was pleased with how I ran and how my legs felt.  I just had no change of pace.  I couldn't lift the pace to stay with her or change gear at the end in an attempt to catch her.  I did feel like I could go on for several more miles at this pace though!  A sub 36 min effort (35.47) which isn't bad! 

I'm quite pleased as I really didn't know what state my legs would be in.  I had hoped to nip under 36 mins but in all honesty didn't really expect to!  Looking at the results later I hadn't realised that I was 6th overall so only beaten by 4 men!  

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