Tuesday 28 October 2014

Enforced Break

I haven't written for a while!  I went on holiday with my mum and sis to Lanzarote for a week with a hope to get some end of season warm weather training in.  I went running on my second to last day and pulled my calf muscle.  

I didn't think it was too bad and with a couple of days off it would be ok but that wasn't to be.  After a few attempts a running I ended up having 10 days off from running and then took the decision to take my end of season break now rather than at the end of November as originally planned.  This then meant missing the 10 mile race I had planned in Twickenham on 19th October.  

I'm seeing the positive side to this - it now means that I will get a full cross country season in and be fitter for the earlier cross country races in December and January than I would have been if I'd had the later break. 

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