Wednesday 10 December 2014

Start of Cross Country Season

I had my first proper cross country race in 8 years on Saturday (not including the xc relays in November as they were so short)!  

This came the day after a very emotional and draining day on the Friday.  I went out for an early morning run and 400m away I found my cat in the road and he'd been hit by a car and killed.  I am devastated and heartbroken but giving extra love and cuddles to my other cat.  I am now so paranoid every time he goes out though and having trouble sleeping.  

So I got up on Saturday feeling tired and drained but trying to put it out of my mind just for a couple of hours.  

I actually ran really well and was pleased with how I did.  I started off fairly steady and was in about 10th place after 1km.  I then picked off a few girls in the first lap and heading out onto the 2nd lap I was now in 3rd place.  I stayed here and ran with 2nd place.  About 1km from the end we were approaching a short sharp downhill and I felt she was stuttering so I went to go past her only I hadn't looked ahead and seen the sharp left turn at the bottom!  I overcooked it and skidded to a stop at the bottom, went wide then by the time I turned left and up a short sharp hill she had a gotten a gap on me.  I then had to recover myself from this and the gap grew a bit more.  By the time I started to close it down it was too late.  I sprinted with the last 100m but couldn't quite get to her!  Really pleased to finish 3rd and feel there is a lot more there.  With a few more races, more confidence and not making stupid mistakes I'll get better.  I really enjoyed this and looking forward to doing some more.  

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