Tuesday 17 June 2008

Training is going really well at the moment and my injury from earlier in the year has so far stayed away. So alls good.

I've had a few races recently. Firstly I started the Corus elite sprint tri at Reading. Got pushed about in the water and swallowed loads which lead to me pulling out. Its always the same in that kind of situation – about half an hour after it happened I started thinking that I should have carried on. Just have to put it behind me and move on and think that if it happens again I will deal with things differently.

Next was Shrophshire olympic distance tri. Really pleased with my result – came 3rd. Swim was much better than last year and bike and run were good. Still wanted to have done a few minutes faster. Never happy!! I do love this course though so will be back next year to better myself!

Then I took part in the elite race at Windsor. Had a really terrible swim! In all fairness it is a hard swim – out and back and against the current all the way up (also a fairly brutal fast start). At the turn point it took me three attempts to get around the buoy because the current was so strong!! I was then so far off getting into a pack on the bike. I worked really hard and caught a girl I know on the bike in the hope we would work together but I dropped her quite quickly. Kept pushing hard not knowing if I was catching anyone. When it came to the run I was dead on my feet – I've never had that happen before! I think I still did about the 3rd fastest run time . It was a good learning experience. I really want to compete at this level in the future but I really need to improve my swimming. If I can't make it into a pack on the bike I'm never going to be able to make an impact with my strong run and I'm never happy being just someone who makes up the numbers!

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