Monday 28 July 2008

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to find out what I need to achieve to gain selection for the world duathlon elite team. It's really frustrating that there isn't a duathlon selection race specifically for qualification for the worlds. The only races of this type are earlier in the year in April. Instead I've been told to aim for times for 5k and 10k races.

I did a 10k on the seafront in Liverpool on 22 June – it was without doubt the windiest day ever! I managed a 36.32 (and came 1st) which I thought was pretty good going considering. I'm then told I will need to do a sub 36.30!

13 July I did the Rosemere 10k - 1st in 36.27. Was hoping for better. Think I started off a bit too quick!

I then entered a Friday evening 10k on 18 July which turned out to be quite hilly and just before the race I'm told I need a to find a sub 36. This is bearing in mind I have to get this time in the next 4 weeks. I managed 37.30ish (finishing 1st) on this course and couldn't really have expected much more.

A day and a half later I did the Deva Divas sprint tri just as a training session. Had quite a bad swim. I started on the wrong side of the lake - after Dan the expert had told me to start on the other side – why don't I listen?? Legs felt tired on the bike probably from Friday's run. Came 2nd. Ok but not a very good time.

I've now got a bit of a panic to find flat 5k or 10k races. There really aren't many around at this time of year.

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