Tuesday 23 June 2009

What a tiring weekend! Flew out to France on Thursday night and stayed with Raphiel's family (he's the president of my french club Cesson Sevigne). Then picked up on Friday afternoon and a 5 hour drive to Cuincy for tomorrow's race.

The race was at 3.30 in the afternoon so had a fairly chilled out morning and cycled the bike course.

My plan this time was to stay with the lead girls on the first run and then try and hang on to them on the bike. Well the run started off so much faster than normal - mostly down to a Mexican girl starting off a 100mph! She didn't last long at this pace and after about 600m she had dropped off! I wasn't feeling too great still and couldn't quite stay with the leaders. I came into transition with a group of other girls and worked really hard at the beginning of the bike to make sure I didn't get dropped.

I had a really good bike leg - my best out of the 3 french races by a long way. The course was 3 laps and at the end of each lap and beginning of the next it was very technical. The girls at the front of the pack would surge here to try and break the pack up. In the past this is where I've really suffered but this time I worked really hard not to get dropped and managed to hang on as the pace soon settles back down again.

Onto the 2nd run and I just didn't have much in me. I can normally overtake lots of girls on my second run but I just seemed to lack something today. I think I'm still getting over the illness I had and its knocked a bit of sharpness from my running legs! It was still an enjoyable race and a really good atmosphere.

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