Tuesday 30 June 2009

A bit of a late start to the tri season for me mainly due to competing in duathlon, but I finally did my first tri of the year last weekend! The Northampton olympic distance and also doubled up as the Army champs.

I had a comfortable swim - I really need to learn how to push myself more in the water. A long run to T1 and onto an undulating bike with some tight bends! I felt good on the bike and was pleased with how it went. Although I still need to improve on going faster round tight bends! I had the 2nd fastest bike! A fairly quick T2 and onto the 4 lap run. I had no idea what position I was in as the Army girls started in a wave 10 mins earlier which is where my my competition was. I ran quite comfortably and finished feeling strong. Dan had kept an eye on the girls from the previous wave and said I'd finished 1st but I wasn't convinced. I had to wait over an hour until the presentation to find out I had won - by almost 5 mins! Really pleased - a good start to the tri season.

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