Friday 24 July 2009

Last weekend I think I had my worst race ever! It was the Bedford tri and I had a shocker! Swim was terrible. It was in the river which was quite narrow and full of thick weeds. I probably started in the wrong place, then someone in front of me stopped (possibly having a panic about the weeds), got around them then had a bit of a moment myself where I seriously thought about getting out.

Then onto the bike. I had my bike set up completely changed last week. I was told that with the changes I would feel tight in my hamstrings and glutes but I just thought that being a runner those are the muscles I use to run so shouldn't be a problem. How wrong was I?!! Got about 8 miles in and everything just felt tight. Still tried hard to push through but my HR just wouldn't get into my race zone. Never mind!

I managed to have a good run which was something and at least the change of set up and tight muscles hasn't affected my run!

I just have to forget about it and move on. If you have great races all the time they would never feel special so I guess you have to have crap ones sometimes to appreciate it when it all goes right!

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