Thursday 3 September 2009

In the middle of 6 races in 5 weeks at the mo! I normally wouldn't be doing so many races but a few of them are just low key training races. Started with the Worthing tri a few weeks ago. Then took part in the club relays. A really fun event. I've never done them before and hope to do them again next year. Didn't push very hard on the bike and run as I had a 5k race to do 4 days later on the Wednesday. This went ok. I came 1st which is the main thing and knocked about 10s off my pb. I know I should be happy but I also know I'm capable of going so much faster. I guess I didn't really taper for this (was out doing a run efforts session on the morning before)!

I then travelled down to London to do an open water swim race in Eton rowing lake. A good experience of trying to swim a bit harder which I struggle to do when I do the swim part of a tri. I definitely worked hard as my lats were achy and tight after! (I don't get that feeling very often)!! I was quite disappointed with it though - it was supposed to be a 1500m swim but I think it was actually about 300-400m longer. Dan took part in the 3.8k race and did really well - he came 3rd. For his efforts he won a measly £10! Didn't even cover the entry. I'm also very disappointed in the organisers as they haven't even included me in the results despite me shouting out my number and have them call it back to me as I crossed the line! Oh well!

Next stop the Cardiff 10k......

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