Wednesday 9 September 2009

Happy, happy, happy!!! Had a fantastic race this weekend! A few weeks ago I got a phone call asking me to represent my region (the south) in the Cardiff 10k. I was quite surprised - I've never been asked before! Going into the race I was feeling good and knew I should be running a pb but decided not to stress about times as I've tried this in the past and it really doesn't work. I decided my main aim was to try and be the first one in for the south.

The race started and 2 girls went off quite fast and I wasn't sure if there were one or two others also ahead as its hard to tell when you're also running with men. At about 3k I heard someone shout that I was in third and I thought to get a top 3 spot in this race will be a great result. By this time the 2 girls were about 40-50m ahead. About half way through I heard someone breathing behind me and a spectator shout "go on girls". I had to really focus as there was no way I was giving up my 3rd spot. I then started to see that I was pulling the 2nd place girl back and focused on catching her up. At about 7k I turned a corner and glanced behind and seemed to have dropped the other girl so I then picked the pace up and went into 2nd place. It was around 8k I started to think "I can win this". I was feeling really comfortable but had to be careful not to put too much in to catch the other girl only to have her come back at me. In the end I timed it just right! Went into 1st with around 500m left. Turned the final corner and could see the finish line about 150m away. Such a great feeling with the crowd really cheering and amongst it all I saw and heard Dan shouting "GO, GO, GO"! I thought that 2nd place must be right on my shoulder so I sprinted for the line and crossed in 1st place! I also got a pb by 28s - I'm so pleased!

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