Thursday 8 April 2010


Things are starting to look better. I arrived in Paris on Friday night then met up with my french team in Chatereaux on Saturday afternoon ready for my first french duathlon of the year.

Another sprint distance race of 5k run, 20k bike, and 2.5k run. I did the first run and was just off pace of a large group. I almost got onto them coming out of T1 but couldn't get my foot into my bike shoe! I should have just put my foot on top and powered myself to get to them but instead I faffed around and by the time I got my foot in it was too late. I tried really hard to sprint after them and did close the gap but it was too much!

It was a 5 lap bike course and I did almost 2 laps on my own before 2 girls caught me. This time I managed to stay with them! Only me and 1 other girl did any work - the other girl from a rival team refused to do any work. Then just before T2 she sprinted ahead then went for it on the run! I had nothing left by this time!

Overall a good race and showed me that I must have just had an off day a few weeks ago. I did feel a bit tired in my legs which I think affected by first run. I'd put this down to travelling and lugging my bike box and back pack for about 3 miles the day before! In future - get a taxi!!

Well I've now got 3 weeks in France! I'm staying with my coach and his wife (Dave and Cathy) and its soooo hot!!!

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