Wednesday 12 May 2010

France again!

Home from France for less than 2 weeks then back again for another race!

Sprint duathlon in Lievin with my French team. After feeling tired in my legs last time and missing the pack this time I felt a lot fresher so I went off with the lead girls including Sandra Levenez also in my team. It was a really fast pace and I started to worry about how my bike would go after running so hard. With about 1k left of the run I dropped off the pace a bit. I looked behind me and saw there was a fairly large group of girls not too far behind so I decided to ease up a bit in the hope of working in a group with them on the bike.

A good T1 and onto the bike. It went fairly well but not many girls would do any work on the bike. Radka from my team did a fair bit of work at the front and when no one else would go through I took it on. I think the 2 of us put the most into the bike.

I had a rubbish T2. I was in the wrong position, near to the back of the pack, plus it was quite a long run in and my feet have been so sore recently which made it difficult running with no shoes.

The final run wasn't too good either! I think I put too much into the first run and really didn't have much left.

Every time I race out here I try something different and learn something new so its all good and our team won!

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