Tuesday 27 July 2010

I did the Milton Keynes Big Cow Triathlon at the weekend. A really good race and we had great weather for it too.

I had my best swim! I actually got stuck in and worked hard and even managed to work in a group which I normally find really daunting.

My T1 was awesome!! I was 16th out of the swim but went into the bike in 7th!

I worked really hard on the bike so when I saw my bike time at the end I was a bit disappointed as I expected it to have been 2-3 mins quicker.

A smooth and fast T2 and a good fast run. It was a 3 lap run and I started off the first lap quite hard and just tried to keep it going. I think I did slow slightly but not too much.

I finished 3rd and was quite pleased. Going into the run the girl in 1st was about 9 mins ahead and I pulled it back to 2.5 mins and 2nd finished just 40s in front.

A really well organised race.

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