Monday 10 February 2014

Warm Weather Training

One week down in a four week training block in Mojacar in Spain.  Last week is the biggest week of running I've ever done and I'm pleased to be feeling good!  I had some tiredness during my running on Wednesday and slightly on Thursday but by Friday my legs were feeling good again.  I put the tiredness down to the 5k pace session I did on Tuesday afternoon. Bit of a shock to the system putting some faster work in and I think it took a lot out of me!  

Its also very undulating out here with most of the roads to run on being trails.  Its taken most of the week to get used to this but I feel stronger already!

Weather here has been hot but the wind can really get up.  Yesterday I had a 2 hour 30 run to do and the route I ran started off quite hilly. Just as I was starting to feel good on the flats and with 50 mins still to run I turned a corner and it was like running into a brick wall the wind was that strong.  It had just come out of nowhere!  We have now had high winds all through the night with tables, chairs and bbqs being blown all over the place. Even the car wash at the petrol station down the road has collapsed !

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