Wednesday 26 February 2014

Final Week in the Sun

In my last week of training out here in Spain.  I've had a really good 3 weeks of hard and consistent training and now in week 4 I'm taking it slightly easier to let the hard work take effect.  Dan has arrived yesterday so some light training with a bit of sightseeing!  

A special thanks to Dave and Cathy (my coach and his wife) who have been out here with me and put up with me for the 4 weeks!  They have been really good on insisting that they cook most of the time which is fine by me especially as Dave is an amazing cook and could almost be a professional chef if he wanted to have a change of career!

I've really enjoyed the running out here - lots of dirt track/gravelly trails, a few hills if you want them and even a 400m running track!  That was a surprise - just like an old school cinder track and great for my shorter effort sessions. 

Trafford 10k to look forward to on my return.  I expect to get my arse kicked here as I've seen there's quite a few fast girls entered and with my marathon legs I'm not sure I will have the speed but it will be good all the same.  

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