Friday 22 August 2014

2 Races in 3 Days!

3 days after the Birchwood 10k and I have the Capenhurst 5k.  I've been looking forward to this race.  Firstly, to see how well I can run a few days after a 10k and secondly because I really want to try and get the course record.  The current course record is the same as my pb which I got a few weeks ago at a Sale 5k race.  Obviously to get the course record means I have to win the race!

As usual, on the start line I look around me to see who's around.  No other girls starting ahead of me so I hope this is good.  The race starts and I try not to get carried away.  After about 400m a girl comes past me but she is breathing really heavily.  I think to myself there is no way she can carry that on breathing like that so I just keep her in my sights.  I run with a group of guys then overtake the other girl at about 2k in.  She's still breathing heavy!  I keep a check on my garmin 1k splits and I'm happy with how I'm running.

I probably eased off a bit for kilometres 3 and 4 but then start to push hard for home with 1k to go.  As I turn the final bend I see the finish clock which is saying 16.43.  I sprint as hard as I can and try to get past another guy who just edges me on the line!  I finished first in 16.49 which was a course record and pb by 7 seconds!  I'm so happy.  

A really good and enjoyable race.  I'm pleased with how I felt after racing 10k on Sunday and think there is definitely more there at 5k.  That's probably my last 5k now for the rest of the year as I start to focus on 10ks and half marathon distances.

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