Monday 18 August 2014

Birchwood 10k

Sunday morning was the Birchwood 10k.  I've done this race twice before - the last time being 2 years ago when I finished 4th.  I had looked down the entry list the night before and no names jumped out at me but that wasn't to mean I hadn't overlooked any fast girls!

The weather wasn't great - quite windy and occasional showers.  Oh well - its the same for everyone!  

On the start line I started about 2 rows back and had a look around to see what other girls were around.  There were a couple but no one starting right near the front.  The race started and I tried not to start too fast.  The first 5k is now very twisty with some dead turns (they changed the course this year).  Although this makes for a slower course it gave me an opportunity to see who was around!  It was clear early on that no other girls were running very close to me.  I felt really good and ran with a couple of guys picking off a few as the race went on.  

I felt really comfortable running today and well within myself.  Once I knew I was likely to win I didn't push myself as I had plans to race on Wednesday.  It was a shame not to have some competition to really push me but I was also quite glad as its nice to win and I did want to save my legs!

Back home and an ice bath!  I've not done this for a long time!  My 4 month old kitten was most intrigued as its the first time he's seen any water in the bath!  He decided to walk around the edges dipping his paws in until eventually he fell in!  He didn't return!!

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