Saturday 30 May 2015

Getting There!

A week in the sun was just what I needed!  I went to Lanzarote for a week in the hope of speeding up my ankle/achilles recovery.  No miracles but there does seem to have been an improvement.  It's still tight in the mornings and if I get up after sitting down for a while (just no sitting around then)!  

I have now included 2 threshold pace effort sessions in the last 2 weeks training with minimal reaction so I'm actually thinking of entering a race or 2 in the next few weeks!  I'm a bit scared as I know my times won't be fast and I don't like racing when I'm not near to 100% but I feel I need to put something in just to know where I am.  

I'm so happy to be running a decent amount again and a lot of it is down to regular massages from Peer and physio from Gary at Pro Physio.  Plus lots of stretching and icing!

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