Sunday 9 August 2015

Race improvments followed by a Personal Worst!

I've been getting back into some good training and building in threshold pace effort work as well as building the miles up.  My coach and I decided I would do some 5k races just to track progress.  I haven't done any "fast" work yet so the first one will be to see where I am.  My plan was 3 Sale Sizzler races followed by my local Capenhurst 5k race all 2 weeks apart.  

The first race was ok time wise - but still 40s slower than my pb.  I then did a 10k 2.5 days later!  I felt good during this and finished 3rd but still over 1 minute outside of my 10k pb.  I'm ok with this as its about what I expected.

I then did the next Sale Sizzler 5k and went 20s quicker!  I was really pleased - just 20s slower than my pb.  Quite a lot over 5k but a very pleasing improvement in just 2 weeks.  Someone remarked at the end what had I changed in 2 weeks to go 20s quicker?  For me it is just fitness gradually coming back and I've now done a few more effort sessions but only peaking at 10k pace efforts.

I then went back 2 weeks later to the Sale Sizzler hoping that I might scrape under 17 mins and then be just 10s outside my pb.  The race started and I pretty much felt rubbish from the start.  My legs felt like jelly and when I tried to pick it up there was nothing there at all.  I didn't look at my watch and tried to be competitive so when I came onto the track and saw the clock just before  the finish I was shocked at how slow I'd run.  I thought maybe the clock was wrong, but it wasn't!  I went 40s slower than 2 weeks before and a whole minute slower than my pb.  I think this is the slowest 5k I've run for years!!  

I decided a few days later than I didn't think I could face another 5k so decided to give the Capenhurst 5k a miss which was a shame.  I think in hind site I should have missed the 3rd Sale Sizzler and done the Capenhurst 5k instead.  3 5k races all 2 weeks apart was probably too much mentally as well as physically.  I'm now getting some good training in and looking forward to the Cardiff 10k on 6th September.  

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