Tuesday 23 June 2015

Racing Again!

Now pretty much back to full training again and thinking about racing.  So a couple of weeks ago I entered a local 10k race (Sport in the Port).  Having only done base miles for 2 months then the last 3 weeks included some threshold pace work I was a bit nervous about not having any pace in my legs and how I would run off this.  With this in mind I then entered a mid week 4 mile race in Wigan (where I probably wouldn't know anyone!) to test my legs out!

This went well with a win but bloody hell it hurt and my time wasn't great!  It was 2 lap undulating course with an off road part to it so not a fast course but still....

After this I then spent 10 days of 1 minute I wasn't doing the 10k then I was, then I wasn't!  In the end I thought sod it - do it as at least I can see where my fitness is and it gives me pacing times to work my efforts to in training.  

I then had a surprising race coming 2nd and ran almost 1 minute quicker than I expected to run which was a faster pace than I did for the 4 mile race and felt comfortable!  I actually smiled the whole way around as lots of Chester Tri Club people were marshalling or watching which was really nice.  

I had a "great" idea to run home as I thought it would be about 4 miles but it seems I took a wrong turn then ran on the canal which was a very long way home to take and turned out it was 10 miles!  Oops!

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