Monday 22 May 2017

Life Will Be Changing!

I haven't written for a while and there has been a quite a big reason for this!  I'm 17 weeks pregnant.  

I've continued to run so far and during my first 13 weeks my steady paced running was actually getting quicker!  This was partly due to coming back from time off with my hamstring injury but I was feeling quite good in my legs too.  I've been very lucky and not had any sickness but there have been days of extreme tiredness.  On days where I have woken up really tired and not improved during the day so I have taken a rest day so I'm really listening to my body.  I have found that whether its a 30 min run or a 1 hour run about 1 hour after I have finished running I am absolutely wiped out! I'm very lucky that I work mostly from home as at least I can have an hour's sleep in the afternoon!

The tiredness is so different to any tiredness I've had before - its so much worse than when in the peak of marathon training!  As well as my body being tired my head feels heavy and I find it hard to concentrate.  I have to make sure I get any work done early in the morning before I go out running as I know I will have a hard job sitting at my computer in the afternoon!

Since 13 weeks my running seemed to significantly slow down.  That's been a hard thing to deal with as my legs still want to turn over quicker but I can feel I'm breathing heavier and my HR is higher so I have to make myself slow down.  

I didn't tell my parents until last week when I went down to London to visit them.  Its a good job my mum was sitting down as I think she would have fainted if she'd been standing up!  Its an understatement to say they didn't ever expect me to have a baby!

Its been really hard for the last couple of months when people I know keep asking how my running's going and what races have I got coming up!  I've ended up lying and saying I've got few low key 10ks then a half marathon target in the autumn.  At last I can finally start telling people!

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