Sunday 19 March 2017

Back into the Swing of Things!

I've now been back running 8 weeks and almost feel back to normal! I'm still keeping the strength work up but doing it just once a week now (this will have to continue as part of my running plan now). My steady run pace is not too far off what it is when I'm fit.

I'm back to running every day with one rest day each week.  My long runs have increased up to 1 hour 20, I've been doing hill efforts which were put in to try and engage my glutes and hamstrings and now finally my next block of training starting on Monday is actually race focused with proper effort sessions!  

Its coming up to one year since I last raced and its been such a frustrating year!  I blame myself for not getting it sorted when it first happened but I just kept on thinking it was just tightness that would ease.  If I'd had it sorted out around May last year I honestly think it would have been sorted out by the August and I would have been able to race in the back end of 2016.  Lessons learned and hopefully the break has done me good and I will come back stronger!

It's also coming up to the Manchester Marathon which I won last year.  I've decided I'm going to go over to watch it which is going to be really hard for me but may do me some good.  Dan is helping out with timing and I also have two athletes that I coach running in it so it will be great to give them some support out on the course. 

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