Friday 5 September 2008

I'm feeling so disappointed. I had news a couple of days ago that I haven't made the team for the worlds. I understand that I haven't made the times for 5k and 10k (managed to squeeze 2 more races in – 26 July 10k at Battersea Park and 4 August 5k at Battersea Park came 1st in both with times just outside what I needed). What is most frustrating is that there are places to take four girls but they are only taking one!
I feel let down with the time frame I was given to get these times – 4 weeks isn't really enough, considering I've been asking since March. I also think I was trying to do too many races in this time to try to get these times.
Anyway enough gloominess about it all. I'm just gonna make sure I work hard during the winter, hopefully stay injury free and come back next year ready to prove myself.
I'm going to do the elite race at the London duathlon in a few weeks time and prove what I'm capable of. So watch this space......!

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