Thursday 15 October 2009

A break at last!! Its nice to have a week off, going on holiday and not doing any structured training. Dan and I got a fairly last minute deal to Sivota in Greece with Neilson holidays.

I went wakeboarding every morning before breakfast and I learned to sail and windsurf. We couldn't resist and hired mountain bikes on 2 days and I beasted Dan up the hills as usual!!! Although he got the better of me on the technical downhills which I'm still crap at!! I also managed to sneak in a few runs!

Just one minor incident! We went for a swim around the small island and when we were almost back I felt a pain on my leg. First of all I thought I'd been bitten but then quickly realised I'd been stung. It was quite painful but to be honest it was more the shock of it. I freaked out a bit and swam over to a small sandy alcove and refused to swim back!! Dan then had to swim back and he came back with one of the reps on a boat to take me back! By then the sting was showing on my leg - quite an impressive tentacle mark on my left thigh. All I kept thinking was it could have been my face - imagine?!

Luckily this didn't put me off getting in the water again and I was back wakeboarding and swimming the following day! Apparently its very rare for there to be any jellyfish around this time of year and I was just unlucky.

I had such a good time with great weather. I hope we manage to fit in something similar next year.

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