Wednesday 26 March 2014

Wilmslow Half Marathon

It was the Wilmslow Half Marathon at the weekend and I've been looking forward to this race.  I finished 2nd last year taking off 1min 30 from my pb.  I was in better shape this year too and especially after pbing at the Trafford 10k I was hopeful of a good time.

I woke up on the morning of the race with a bad tummy but put it down to race nerves.  I then didn't feel too great before the race but decided it was better to run and see how I feel than to not try.  

For the first couple of miles I felt good.  I was running with Julie (who won last year) but decided to let her go as although my legs felt good I didn't want to start off too fast and slow down in the second half.  Around 8 miles my stomach started cramping and although I felt good in my legs it was a big distraction.  In the end I finished 3rd in 77.06 and just 3s outside of my pb.  Although I was initially disappointed with my run, to run just outside my pb on a day when I wasn't feeling well is quite pleasing.  

I'm pretty sure its what I had for lunch the day before that didn't agree with me.  I kind of knew at the time so I'm a bit annoyed at myself for eating so badly the day before a race.  Oh well, at least it happened here and there's no way I will be so stupid for London in a few weeks!

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